Web 2.0 – A Summary


During this semester in Web 2.0 tools for the Classroom, I have gained a new appreciation for technology in the classroom. Before taking this course, my perception of technology consisted primarily on the idea of hardware being the main source for technology. I had no idea there were all of these wonderful Web 2.0 tools out there to enhance the classroom experience. 

I am looking forward to having art classes in the computer lab! Not only can I provided enriched curriculum through Web 2.0 tools such as Bitstrips and Kerpoof, but it gives the students more variety as to what can be done with art beyond paint and paper. The Web 2.0 tools I have encountered also provide wonderful opportunities to teach cross curricular with technology and other subjects such as language arts and social studies. 

Having a classroom blog that keeps up with what we are doing in the classroom is a great way for me to communicate with parents, faculty, and other art educators. I have a feeling my students are going to be just as excited as I am about our newly tech savvy art teacher and all of the fun projects in the future!!



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