How can QR codes be used in the classroom?

Now that I know more about the endless possibilities of the QR code, the next question is how can I use it in my classroom?

Here is a link to iste, a site that had all the lastest information on technology for schools.

There are numerous ways the QR code can be used in schools. Considering most students have their phones at school, take advantage of the technology and make the phones work with you instead of against you.

Placing QR codes in books, on your classroom door, on a calendar, or even on a worksheet can link students in to what is happening in that class.

I created a QR code that will link students and parents to my class website. I plan on placing this QR code on the beginning of year syllabusso that everyone can keep up with what is happening in Ms.Sloan’s art class.I will also place this QR code on my classroom door so that if anyone missed that day, they can scan the code and link straight to the website with up to date assignments. Here is he code for my smART Class:








Here is a great bitstrip a librarian created to show how she uses QR codes in school


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