QR Codes- Uncoded

What is a QR Code you ask? Well it wasn’t until a few days ago I could not have answered this question. I saw these odd barcodes on everything and everywhere and felt like it didn’t pertain to me. Oh how wrong I was. They QR code is made for people like you and me to get information right at our fingertips-our phones!

QR stands for Quick Response Code, and it is a barcode that can be scanned both vertically and horizontally, giving it it’s unique appearance. Unlike a barcode, the QR code can hold more information, and virtually any kind of data.With a smartphone you can download the QR reader application and then you are ready for QR reading. Once you scan a QR code it can take you anywhere from a website, a blog, a personal profile, a wikispace….pretty much anywhere.

Here is a quick video explaining more about the QR code  http://www.commoncraft.com/video/qr-codes

What is that? You would like to make your own QR code? Well luckily it is incredibly easy to do! All you need is a QR code generator such as Kerem Erkan or QR stuff. Once you have found a code generator, decide what you would like your code to link people to and make a selection from the menu. Fill out the information you want to link with your code and then generate. It is important not to make the code too big, for it to have a clear back ground, and that the code quality is clear.I have link a site that explains this – QR codes.

Here is a QR code to a QR code generating site:


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