The Podcast, Enhanced!

The Enhanced Podcast is a Web 2.0 tool used for creating audio recordings to accompany visuals such as photographs and movies. Like the podcast, to create the audio  you need to use a program such as audacity to record your audio track. Once you have recorded your audio you can then use a program such as moviemaker or imovie. Once you have your audio imported, you can then insert pictures that follow along with your track. There are effects in the movie programs that allow for different types of text and transition.

The most challenging aspect of creating an enhanced podcast in the timing. When you have your audio and your pictures or movie clips imported, it is important that the image and what you are saying match. I used imovie for my example and it was relatively simple to extend to shorten a pictures play time, just tedious .

I think the enhanced podcast is a great tool for the classroom, especially for visual people like myself. In the art class I could create enhanced podcast to share with students that discuss different types of art media, art movements, or famous artist. The enhanced podcast would also be a great tool to use as an assignment for students. Most upper grade elementary students are familiar with the imovie program at my school. This would be a great project for students to enhance their learning about a certain art concept.

Here are a few helpful links for creating an enhanced podcast in other programs:

How to create enhanced podcast using moviemaker  Moviemaker

How to create enhanced podcast using garage band  Garage Band

One important factor to keep in mind while creating an enhanced podcast is copyright. Make sure you follow copyright policies when using images and music. Here is a link to creative commons images and royalty free music.

Creative Commons

Royalty Free Music

Here is my enhanced podcast on block printing



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