Extra Extra- Hear All About It, With Podcasting!

  Podcast stands for Personal On Demand Broadcasting. A podcast is fun way to create and broadcast audio through itunes or other media players. With a podcast you can record an audio track with a program such as audacity and upload it into an mp3 format for the public to listen. All you need to create a podcast is a computer, a microphone,a connection to the web, and a camera for an enhanced podcast.Once you have recorded you podcast you can then export from audacity to your desired itunes or other location. I created one for our Web 2.0 tool class and we uploaded them into our itunes U account. There are lots of great websites with step-by-step directions on how to create and upload a podcast.  I have listed a few below:

Video: Podcasting in Plain English

How to: Step-by-step podcasting

Podcasting is a great education tool.Students can create podcast in fulfillment of assignments or they can subscribe to educational podcast. The podcast created for my web 2.0 class will more than likely be the beginning of a series about different artist for students to listen to in class. I am excited about this new tool and am looking forward to using it in the classroom.


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