Bitstrips is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create avatars of themselves that can then be developed into webcomics. With bitstrips, users can completely customize characters and place them into a wide variety of scenes with props and speech bubbles. Bitstrips for schools allows teachers to create a classroom with avatars for each student. Students can then create webcomics with one another in the classroom.

I think bitstrips is a great classroom tool because almost any subject could incorporate a bitstrip into a lesson. A language art class could easily use bitstrips to improve literacy skills, social studies and science could both create a bitstrip explaining the sequence of events. In the art class, a bitstrip could be created to accompany a lesson on graphic arts and design.

I can see myself using bitstrips in my classroom next year and sharing what I have learned with other teachers in my school.

Here is a link to the Wiki page I helped create with more information on bitstrips:

Bitstrips Wiki

Here is an example of a completed bitstrip that a fellow student/art teacher made for our presentation:


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