RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a Web 2.0 tool used to follow website updates such as blogs and news. Websites using an RSS feed lets publishers syndicate content automatically. This is beneficial to readers or subscribers who want updates from their favorite sites or aggregate feeds all in one place such as google reader.

Here is great video that breaks down rss .

I personally had never understood the meaning of the rss symbol on a webpage or what it meant to “subscribe”. Now that I know how easy and convenient it is, I will be subscribing to all of my favorite sites. All you have to do is click the RSS symbol on a webpage and then select where you would like to follow. With google, you can add the page as a widget on your igoogle page, or you can select to add it to your google reader.

Google reader is another great tool from google. Google reader is an aggregator  that allows you to subscribe to feeds from your favorite sites. New updates from your sites will appear in you google reader. You can create folders to help organize the types of feeds you are receiving. Here is a great video on google reader:

google reader in plain english

You can also add google reader to you igoogle  here’s how : adding google reader to igoogle

Google reader could be a great tool for the classroom. Students could create a google reader account and then subscribe to various sites that would be beneficial to their studies. For example, in art it would be great or students to subscribe to museums and artist blogs to keep up with current exhibitions and news in the art world.

I am loving google reader as an educator especially. It makes connecting with other art teachers blog updates and art and education news incredibly convenient. What a time saver, it is all right there for you in one place with all the newest content at your fingertips!

Here is a great link from edutopia on RSS feeds


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