So I have just been introduced to Mash-ups/startpages via igoogle in my Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom course. I have learned that igoogle is a type of aggregator that allows you to retrieve information from multiple websites.I have never actually created my own startpage before but I’m please with yet another feature google has to offer.

With an igoogle page I can link all of my favorite site such as g-mail, weather, and news through the use of widgets. After I have found all of my favorites I can then place into categorized tabs such as my homepage, entertainment, art education, and tools. When I log into my igoogle page, it is all there for me in one place  with new updates from rss feeds (another new feature I am learning about).

I am enjoying having all of my sites and more in one place, it is very convenient. I think this will be a great tool in my Web 2.0 tool belt for the future! As an elementary art teacher, igoogle might be somewhat advanced, but I do not think impossible. With a little guidance I think my students could create their own start page with tabs for different subjects such as art, music, science, social studies etc. 

Here is a link for anyone new to mashups and would like to start there own igoogle page : setup igoogle

Also, here is a nifty video that explains rss feeds and mash-ups…

RSS Video


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